About the Foggs

Doug FoggDoug, a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, is a retired engineer from Lockheed Martin Space Systems at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, where the Space Shuttle's External Tank was built (and before it, the Saturn V moon rocket of the Apollo program). He's a private pilot with interests in still and video photography. He and his wife Rose now live in Baton Rouge, Lousiana after 3 years in New Orleans and 32 years in Slidell, Louisiana across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans. Both are avid bowlers.

Rose Fogg Rose is the busiest Fogg--when she's not bowling, she's coaching other bowlers, or embroidering bowling shirts. And once in awhile, she puts her accounting degree from Southeastern Louisiana University to work.  Most importantly, she's Mom to Angie and Jason.

Angie FoggAngie, born in 1987, is a 2005 graduate of Slidell High School, and a 2011 graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University. She majored in French, and made two trips to France during the course of her studies. The second time, she spent sevral months living in Paris while studying at Paris West University Nanterre La Défense. After getting a degree in French, she earned a second degree in Sociology and now teaches high school French in Blaine, Washigton, just a few miles from Canada. She and her husband Chris moved there in late December, 2022 to get out of Louisiana's incessant heat and humidity.

Jason Fogg Jason was born in 1990 with hydranencephaly, and died May 31, 2001. His deeply saddened parents are still always interested in hearing from other parents with similar children. E-mail Rose Fogg at rosefogg@bellsouth.net, Read Mom's story about Jason, or see more pictures of Jason living life as best he could.

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